Saturday, September 5, 2009

Movie in Making: Sholay Remake II

I juss finished watching Sholay hindi movie and was thinking who can replace veeru(dharmendra) and Jaydev(amitabh) roles in Sholay movie if anybody makes it third time. Everyone knows real Sholay was super duper bumper hit and its remake (Aag) was big flop.If iam not wrong, Aamir khan can definately replace Amitabh role and Akshay kumar can replace veeru role. And coming to Gabbar role, nobody else can replace Gabbar now. May be Amrishpuri could have justified it more or less, but he is no more. Today most anti-heros are also comedians and they have to fufill villain role along with comedian role.So it is difficult to match serious Gabbar role standards. Sanjeev kumar role can be easily replaced with nasheeruddin shah or Ompuri. But Raamu made a big mistake, but iam glad that he dared.

Infact in my undergraduation, i use to imgagine some of my friends in different roles of Sholay. Nobody will believe it if i tell this now but we had a good team of friends who were best fit for almost all the roles of Sholay. Indeed we had a best match for the role of Gabbar. I think they will definitely justify movie if i plan to make one in future because they are easily available and they are natural fit for each role, i mean they dont need script and rehearsals. See the titles of Sholay with my own stars.

Mighty Magic Creations


Gabbar: John
Takur: Suresh/vinod
Amitabh: Anshu
Veeru: Venkat
Basanthi:Maahi(name changed)
Jaya Bhadhuri: Padmini (name changed)


Not required


Vijay Bhaskar

Screenplay & choreography
Narender Raju

Directed by


Produced by

Nagesh Soma

PS: I tried my best to use real names. It is juss for fun and hope you will take it with free spirit.
Good news: Producer agreed to distribute profit (if we get) equally among movie team members.