Saturday, June 20, 2015

The WolfPack Family - Eye Opener

Just watched a story on abc channel about a family, who were secluded by father for 14 years. Wife and seven children were never allowed to step out of the apartment for the whole time. Neighbors never knew they existed for all these years. Children were home schooled and the only means of their connection to the outer world is an open window and movies. When they finally stepped out for the first time after 14 years their joy is limitless and unexplainable. Initially they were awestruck and shy but gradually started communicating and connecting with the people using their only knowledge of movies.

The freedom that we take for granted may not be a privilege for somebody else out there. This story is eye opener and a great example of what we own in our lives. Those who experience this first time treasure it and those who experienced it enough are trying to live seclude life again :).

Friday, June 19, 2015

In memory of Granny - I Miss You!

Few months back on December 31, 2014 my grandmother passed away. I would have spent that day different way but decided to hermit myself thinking about my grand mother and her memories. At times in our life, we feel helpless, fragile and do nothing other than accepting reality and destiny. She passed away after bedridden for few years. She was very special to me and left me plenty of wonderful memories. Her life itself is a very interesting journey with great challenges.

Diagnosed with cancer around her fifties, she proved everyone wrong and blessed with healthy life until few years ago at the age of 85. The elements that driven her life are very simple. I feel her strict diet routine and discipline might have played a big role. I never saw her sitting idle for few moments, whether it is our house or relative's or for that matter friend's place. Nothing would deter her lending a helping hand. She has strong personality but used to talk very less. I think she made sure these things were instilled in my mother as well right from her childhood. Sometimes, I watched my mother disliked her for keeping on the toes even until few years back. She lived all her life in the village until my grand father was passed away, but since then she stayed with our family.

The most admirable quality of her is the knowledge of different kind of leaves and their medicinal properties.She never had a formal education or training of any sort as far as i know. She has home remedies for everything right from simple cold to serious back pain and stomach problems. She used to pick leaves from our back yard and jungle near the village.

During our school days, we always used to spend summer holidays at our grand mother place, which was located in a beautiful village surrounded by two lakes and one canal. She use to maintain garden with various fruit and vegetable plants in her huge house. Her cooking style used to be very simple and yet exemplary, though she used to cook with not more than 2-3 ingredients and spices. The food used be very delicious and was incomparable to anyone i know in our family. She always used freshly pressed cooking oil from the village mill, whole grains and pulses from our agriculture fields for cooking, there was no compromise at all. Whether it is swimming in lakes and catching fish with grand father or eating home grown fruits and fresh organic food by provided by grand mother were my favourite things until now. I will always cherish your memories, care and love in all my life. Love you.

May your soul rest in peace in heaven, God bless!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Faster than Fast

Well it's been longtime and i almost forgot that i ever had a blog of my own :).
Professional life has become more busier than before and was not really liking this change in life.
I always hated mechanical life and it seems that now i am almost living mechanical life only having limited quality life with family or friends or books. Rarely get a glance of person who is fully happy from inside. Every one seems to be acting happy or portraying happiness to envy others.  I don't know when it is going to end Or when i can sit an hour without any thought. Is it possible to keep my brain blank ? It is weird but you never know. May be i am thinking in ascetic way.  I don't see anything different for my friends and colleagues. May be i should go to serene place for few months and spend quality life or may be should stroke life machine with strokes of happy colors..keep trying .. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Believe It or Not!!

In 1971, kids in America realized that they can move breakfast cereals of a popular company with magnets. They started even playing with cereals and It became flash news in those days. Later company decided to decrease the Iron content of that product :).