Saturday, June 20, 2015

The WolfPack Family - Eye Opener

Just watched a story on abc channel about a family, who were secluded by father for 14 years. Wife and seven children were never allowed to step out of the apartment for the whole time. Neighbors never knew they existed for all these years. Children were home schooled and the only means of their connection to the outer world is an open window and movies. When they finally stepped out for the first time after 14 years their joy is limitless and unexplainable. Initially they were awestruck and shy but gradually started communicating and connecting with the people using their only knowledge of movies.

The freedom that we take for granted may not be a privilege for somebody else out there. This story is eye opener and a great example of what we own in our lives. Those who experience this first time treasure it and those who experienced it enough are trying to live seclude life again :).

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