Thursday, October 8, 2009

The name is Nathan

Yesterday when i boarded plane from frankfurt to chicago, i got to sit besides a american by name Nathan. This post is about him.

Nathan has been working in a power project since 1992 in India near to a place somewhere between Goa and Mumbai. He visits india frequently to ensure the project work is in progress. We had very long conversation and i personally found him very interesting not because of his race or his profession but the attitude and the spirit he has towards his life. The positivity and enthusiasm in every word he utters wonder anyone. His experience tells me that he travelled almost all parts of the world. Probably that has taught him many things about life and people. He was neither talking rubbish nor juss for time pass. Whatever the conversation we had during that 9hr journey taught something very important to my life.

He has good respect for family life of indians. Also he made many good indian friends, some of them are his best friends too. But the only complain he has about india is law and order. He told me about his personnel experiences. In his opinion, the 2P's are ruining our country; one is Politicians and the other is Police. We know that these 2P's are indeed big culprits but when i heard it from the mouth of a foreigner who is a visitor, it comes to me as a surprise.

On the other hand the most unbelievable qualities are yet to discover about him. He has been buliding road rollers to large ships but never had a clue of professional education. His experience and knoweldge honoured him mechanical and automobile engineering degrees but he never studied them on purpose. Begining his career from family farm house, he learned everything on his own till date. Thats what i call confidance and determination.

On a lighter note, he had a girl friend (age: 24) who is indian and quite younger to him not by his choice but her choice. But he was keen on 40 year old indian woman whom he recently met in the airport. He seems to have good respect towards indian women and told me that he will marry a indian woman one day. Atlast i forgot tell you the age of this courageous man; Iam sure you dont believe it but honestly he is 78 and still going with full energy.

PS: I changed the name of the person for privacy.