Thursday, January 28, 2010

On a Lighter Note!

What frivolous things you do when you get bored? I used to jot down whatever comes to my crazy mind since college days. Most of which never used to make much sense. I still preserve those diaries as my sweet memories. Yesterday some random thoughts came to my mind when i was thinking about different professions in our society. Juss wanted to share with you. I will be glad if you share your thoughts about these professions.

A Film Maker: One who makes a motion picture containing 1% message and 99% fuss
Reporter: One who reports an incident/news breathlessly in his/her own terms and conditions
Lawyer: One who has the ability to prove donkey as monkey
Comedian: One who enacts social outcasts in funny way
Police: One who wears a uniform to show nothing but authority
Politician: A parasite who survives on people's weaknesses
Entrepreneur: One who creates a market for the new product which otherwise has no demand

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Come On Dudes!! Its the Time to Disco....

"Come On dudes",Now it has become most frequently used term with the roommates. New Place,and New people so cant find more warmer and welcoming term than this one.

Years passed and years yet to live with the wild world, still each moment is new and fresh. Things have been changing constantly in life without prior notice. You imagine the most amazing thing, you are ought to find something like that around you. No clues dudes. The more i want to understand it the more i dont understand it. Trying to go with flow but iam not making it to the fullest.

Recently, i have been watching videos of OSHO, a philosopher, who is famous for his controversial lectures. I felt some of his teachings have strong and valid arguments which influence people's life significantly. Actually, i have seen some people benfitted to some extent. The credit of introducing OSHO goes to my previous roommate. We used to have debates on many issues most of them were related to life. Take home thought from OSHO for me is nothing but questioning the existing systems without any barrier or false ego.

Iam happy to be in a generation which admires the true belief systems and questions the mere existance of all that can't be believed. I think many of us are not blind followers or believers. We are not among them who are like the last generation who blindly followed their previous generations. I think our generation has been clever enough to obey the last generation belief systems and mend our lives according to the changing world needs. Our quest to find the truth is really fascinating and i assume it will continue in future also.

Come on!why even iam thinking about the life which is not in our control. Enjoy the current moments to the fullest that cannot be obtained again by any means. I mean to say, its the time disco for all of you and my self without any preoccupations.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oops!! It's All About Professionalism!!!

Today when i watched a popular indian tv debate about journalist's responsibilites during reporting sensitive issues, i was quite disappointed by our popular journalist's opinions. The idea of whole debate was to discuss whether professionalism comes first or saving one's life. I didn't understand why they were arguing for an hour to get some consensus on that issue. They should realize that we are humans first before any professional. And their primary duty is to save other human's life irrespective of their profession and it doesn't change if the profession is journalism!!! TV channels need to telecast quality debates which make sense and tell the facts to the people and not the bullshit. TV channels have become unethical and nonsense for audience who wants to get some quality news.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ofcourse Its New Year 2010

World cant wait to see a new year eventhough we are not sure what is stored for us in the future. Rewinding the past year events and remembering the major ones is something which most of us do and iam not the exception. The hope to start something new and fresh must be in and on everyone's future menu and mind.

Like every year, i took some resoultions in the begining of 2009; Some of them were fulfilled and the remaining were transforming into new avenues. People call life is n't fair to them but i think it is the other way round. Year 2009 was definitely not a roller coaster ride. It was full of up and downs for majority of us. Thanks to the spirit and attitude of everyone who stood still under this economic psunami."If luck makes us lazy, hardwork and willpower drives us forward" this is what i believed so far and will continue to believe in future.

Year 2009: New year 2009 celberation will remain as one of the most memorable experiences with my new friends and new place, Albuquerque. Albuquerque is the fifth largest growing city in the United States. it also has largest tramway in the world. Microsoft started its first businness office here. Any how i enjoyed my stay there. In the second week of january, i had to move back to the university for my master theses completion. I drove across Americas from albuquerque to fargo almost sixteen hundred miles bifurcating the Uniteted States; The most thrilling experience i had so far driving for 23 hrs. Then in university i gained innovative teaching experince until summer 09 which was not less exciting. Later on, i went to visit my home country in september after three years. Mom and dad emotional receiving at the airport was the most unforgettable moment in my life so far. First time, i saw tears in my dad's eyes. I know it is difficult for parents to live away from their kids for long time. I think parent's unconditional love towards their kids is the one thing nobody can deny. The trip was great. i went to tirupati and attended cousins marriage in my native place. My heart was not willing to come back from the warmth of friends and relatives but I had come back to the university in october for a new research project. Finally arrives much awaited graduation commencement in december which was something i craved for years after my undergraduation in India.

I think my real life is juss begining now. And i know there will be many turns in my future which may take me to different arenas in this adventurous life. I call my self as a smug who needs to be unleashed.It is not fair if i dont reveal my set backs as well.Wait a moment why shud i be mentioning them and make this draft more boring. I know it is not advisable to forget the setbacks in one's life but for a change i erased them from my short term memory.

New year 2010:I did nothing special for this new year. First time, I spent my new year alone in peace unlike the past new years. Juss greeted my family members and sent some mails to my dear friends. I brought two DVDs(Ugly Truth and Revolutionery Road) and spent the night watching them. I brought revolutionery road as I like the actress Kate Winslet. But i did not like the movie at all. However, i liked the 'Ugly Truth' movie. Especially climax dilogues were really catching for me because it refers to some of my thoughts in my previous post. On the whole i wanted to scribe something on new year which i did :). Hope you guys have wonderful new year!!!