Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stanford Visit : A Wish Come True

If you ask a teenage guy in southern part of India,'what he is doing', One of the obvious answers you would expect from him is that he's preparing for IIT entrance examination. And when you ask an IITian about what he would like to do when he is done with the IIT, the another obvious answer is, 'getting into an American Top Technical Universities such as MIT, Harvard, UC(Berkely) or Stanford'. I too prepared for IIT entrance exam with a zeal which ended up nothing but a seat in Osmania University, Hyderabad. Heard of Stanford University a lot but when i had an opportunity to visit the university accidentally for one of my friend's help, i was really excited. Located near to San Francisco, the university it self has a great surroundings. Beautiful sceneries apart, the university probably one of the best places for a student to meditate on his research and creative studies. If Santa cruz mountain ranges are on one side, the other side is open to be beautiful pacific ocean.The university occupied more than eight thousand acres with approximately eighteen thousand students. Once again, i was mesmerized in a such a way that i got to recall one of the James Cameron Movies, Jurassic Park where he takes us into different world before landing of helicopter on helipad. It was Asha Foundation, US based Indian Student Organization, collecting some funds by organizing Holi festival(Festival of Colors) at their campus. Major part of ASHA foundation goes to quality education in India. More than 4000 people turned out for the event; Most of them are under graduates, graduates and surrounding American and Indian families. It seemed that most of the people had a great fun.I felt that they had all the colors of the year in just one day. No doubt children had unstoppable entertainment for about four hours. I met the student president over there and inquired many interesting things about the university which are really fascinating. Time was not sufficient that day for me to visit various departments and wings. But probably looking forward to visit leisurely once again with the help of my friend and student president over there.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


To be honest, i never learned much things from elders or icons. It's always kids, children and new born babies who taught something which i was always lacking and wanted. The confidence and the fun of a small baby when he's lifted in air (or) A small kid who asks interesting questions now and then with lot of enthusiasm (or) uninterrupted fun and focus that kids used to get from the same old toy are some undoubtedly most amazing things that we come across every day. Sometimes, we realize that well educated adults lack the common sense that small kids do. Why we lose all those good things once we grew up. Why don't we carry and cherish those good qualities till the end of life. No answer.The following video is taken from you tube and has a good message.