Tuesday, June 22, 2010

San Diego Road Trip

Travelled almost 3000 miles in California, Nevada and Arizona this long week end. This was all of sudden an impromptu trip for me. Even though excited being in Las Vegas and Los Angeles(LA), more fun came from San Diego(SD) trip. My dad always used to tell me about the beauty of San Francisco but i had a quite different impression after visiting San Diego. For me, it is the the most beautiful city i visited so far in the United States.

As I had to drop my friend for final interview, I started immediately to San Diego after my long weekend trip. On our drive to San Diego, we found many agricultural farms most of which consisted of various fruits and nuts. We halted at one of the farmer markets and bought a whole bag of cherries, mandarins and strawberries for just few bucks. They were fresh, juicy and indeed a right choice for our eight hour summer journey. Drive from LA to SD was really thrilling as we were driving on coastal belt of pacific Ocean for most of the time. We reached the city in the evening and slept waiting for the fresh dawn. The next morning, I dropped my friend for interview and went to explore the new city on my own. My first impression after visiting the down town was quite surprising. I had this gut feeling that the city was built just recently, for that matter i guess the feeling will not be different for any new visitor. Everything about the city looks new and completely clean. The air was so fresh and thrilling that one cannot stop complementing about that.

Finally, i got the good news that my friend cleared his interview and we decided to drove to one of the beaches near to that place. Even though we wanted to go Coronado beach(one of the best beaches in US) initially but visited Pacific beach as per our local friend suggestion. Beach was damn busy that day contrary to what we thought it would be on a week day. Me and my friend used our little engineering skills and built a model of TITANIC ship with the beach sand as a memory of our visit. We spent almost an hour there and started driving to Hollywood. We spent some time near Kodak theatre, Madam Tussauds, Hollywood street and drove back to my place. On the whole, i felt the trip was exciting and refreshing. I am pretty much sure that one would fall in love with San Diego city on their first visit itself. And don't forget to visit Coronado beach if you plan to visit the city with your family though i missed it.