Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Is just happiness is the most important thing in your life or all the things and achievements in the world which in turn gives us happiness is the most essential or i am talking about the same things here. All these years of exciting journey suggest me that how we are going to end each day is the most important and often difficult to achieve. Starting the day with fresh positive energy is something easily amalgamated and cultivated but ending the day with same spirit and energy takes million dollar worth of serotonin.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mr. Out Of The Blue: Jet

Here I am writing about our neighbor kid. Out of the blue he shows up while i am outside in the evenings or weekends and yells something to me and disappears.I have also given a name to him because of this. I call him 'Jet'. Once Jet told me that he has a girl friend.I don't know what it means to him at that age but i am sure Jet knows something vaguely. Last evening Jet appeared with new funky hair style. Says this is for his girlfriend and shouts "Hurrah, this hair for Laura". By the way Laura is his so called girl friend's name. Who can possibly match the energy levels of kids. But one thing is sure good or bad i don't know but media has huge impact on growing kids. But for me whenever i see this kid, i definitely get a smile on my face along with glimpses of my childhood memories.