Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its a Date But with YES or NO

I read something in a book which i find so interesting and not so interesting but juss wanted to share with you. The author while explaining different cultural meanings of 'Yes' cites this example.

(See a gal and a guy conversation on a date, each belong to a different country and culture)

Guy: Won't you have a dessert?
Gal: Yes, I'm on diet
***(While Gal is on phone, Guy orders and Waitress serves two desserts on table and then)***
Gal: I just said I won't have any! Didn't you hear me say YES??
Guy: YES!
Gal: Do you mean YES, you heard me say NO, or NO, You heard me say YES?
Guy: NO, I mean YES, you said NO, meaning YES, NO?
Gal(Yells): YES! which means NO, I said YES: that is NO! Dont you understand?!
Guy: NO! er....I mean YES....I mean.....
Guy&Gal(In mind): GRR! No wonder they say mixed marriages never work!

PS:As original one in comic style, added some lines in between to make it easy to comprehend.

(Taken from a book Social Psychology Across Cultures by Peter B.Smith/Michael Harris Bond)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Superstitions Here in US That You May Also Find Elsewhere

Every culture believes in some kind of superstions and develped nations are not an exception. American people belive that if you sneeze, the soul may go out from your body. Most of the traditional Americans often say "bless you" whenever you sneeze. I use to wonder when highly educated professors used to say the same in the class whenever students used to sneeze.I used to take communication theory class last semester. There used be a girl who used to blessed in every class. Anyways its in the culture that has been followed unconditionally. Some of the popular American superstitions are given below. Most of these beliefs are not uncommon in other parts of the world.

1)Carrying the bride across the threshold gives you luck
[ Mighty Magic: Does it work even if iam not the bridegroom :)]
2)One who marries in june will stay together for ever
[ Mighty Magic: Juss need to check with my parents and grannies :)]
3)Throwing rice on newly weds bless them with many children
[ Mighty Magic: As many as you able to find on couples head)
4)Say 'bread and butter' for avoiding separation from your friends
[Mighty Magic: Dont try this,as your friend may get hungry and ask you for a treat then :)]
5)Do not return food container empty which comes with some food
[Mighty Magic: Only when you get the tasty food]
6)Eat fish for brain food and good fortune
[Mighty Magic: Is Whale fortunate enough to be killed by humans]
7)The body and mind change in every seven years
(Mighty Magic: Need to change a partner and profession in every seven years then :) ]
8)Finding four-leaf clover brings lots of luck
[Mighty Magic: Are you getting ready to find a Clovers Wholesale market now]
9)Wearing a ring in one earlobe brings gud luck
[Mighty Magic: Hey gals n guys, dont think twice to go for it now]

All the credit of the nonsence(juss kidding) here goes to the book that i accidentally found in the shelf of the library when i slightly tilted my head. Also if you want to find interesting etymology of 'honeymoon' and 'fingers crossed' words, pls read the book by yourself (101 American Superstitions by Harry Collis).To be honest, you ought to find interesting jokes, stories and many unknown things in the book. Till then take care:)

PS: My sincere request is - Try not to remember the above superstitions on purpose and not forget to pass them to your frds juss in case :).