Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For My Nephew Akash: On birthday (29th March)

I did realize it little bit late
Forgive as you are my dear life-mate

Always it's been with cake,
pastry, gadget or costume,
And this time only small rhyme
or poetry whatever simply i wrote
Hope you got the blessings and love
From family, friends and ofcourse mine

You are my most wonderful nephew
Like you in this world are very few
Must be having many ambitions no clue
Hope all your dreams come true
A Very happy birth day to you
Many many happy returns to you

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wireless Electricity: Thought for the day :)

After Einstein, nobody ever came closer to his imagination and creativity. He astounded people with his most amazing theories which were even difficult to understand. Nineteenth and Twentieth century discoveries left us nothing but working on existing research or introducing the line extentions for the existing research.

If I were to answer the question of best invention sofar in this world,I would definitely go for 'electricity'. Juss imagine ourselves in 21st century without electricity, we cant and it seems an absolutely impossible task for us. But since my teenage days to now the one invention i was eagerly waiting is "wireless electricity". People can question that how can this would really possible?. How we are going to achieve this with lot of safety concerns and doubts?. Man invented most amazing things which even difficult to imagine. If most dangerous nuclear power plants are possible, why cant this?. My logic is very simple. If we can convert solar energy into electrical energy, why cant we juss do the vice versa like converting electrical energy into solar energy, which can be captured anywhere in the globe very easily. The only matter of concern is how we are going to convert that and at what intensity and potential. What could be the incurring costs and what could be the economic burden? It certainly involves great risk when domestic energy usages are concerned.

The two main advantages with wirelss electricity are one we can have a world without electrical wires and second is electricity supply to each and every corner of the world where there is no natural sunlight also. Getting electricty from solar energy and sending them wireless. Hopefully, want to see something like this in future.