Monday, August 16, 2010

I was born and I will be gone

I was born and I will be gone

Had to walk, run and jump alone
Simple or mysterious all possibles done
May be because of something I know,
I was born and I will be gone.

I ate rice, fries, corn,
And everything that was grown
Nothing but all in vain coz
I was born and I will be gone

I went to Italy, Europe and Japan
Nothing wonders me now like before
May be the reason is as simple as this one
I was born and I will be gone.

I browsed, I learned and I scribbled
And done everything that I believed
May be for only clue I had
I was born and I will be gone

Told everything that's in my heart
Touched everything that I loved
'Right or wrong' no offence b'coz
I was born and I will be gone

Monday, August 9, 2010

Spend your 7 min : This video is worth of it !!!

I got this video from my friend four years back. Today i saw it once again. Most of which makes lot of sense at any given time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

On a Lighter Note: What is like marrying him/her

How our major profession transforms our personality in the long run. A few random thoughts....

1)Let's imagine you married a software professional, don't you see him updating every day and eventually finding himself in a program where he himself runs by it not the other way around.

2)How it would be, if you marry a teacher. May be you find him/her preaching now and then and the petty rules of discipline. Can't digest everyday right.

3)Then think of marrying a reporter, who if not criticize will definitely makes a point where you find yourself cornered one fine day.

4)And how it will be different if you marry a business man, who makes habit that every thing counts on any given day. You just become a number for him.

5)How about you marrying a celebrity for that matter? Where he can find a time for you who always enjoys self pampering.

Anyways I am just kidding.I am putting my weird thoughts on different professions.I haven't discussed many other professions which might be having something like this. I think every profession has its pros and cons and finally we end up into different professions based on our ambitions and choices. There is nothing like good profession or bad profession. The only basic requirement is to fulfill our needs and requirements.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Juss for Fun : Mr.Shy Guy!!!

Here in United States public laundries are familiar to those who live in apartments and student dormitories. Sometimes you will experience somethings that you cannot stop telling them to your friends. The other day when i went to laundry to finish my weekend late night laundry job, i had this experience which is not uncommon for most of us who use public washing and drying facilities. I found some lady undergarment(UG) along with my clothes after drying. When i was about to place it in 'LOST' place on the laundry table, something striked to me and my friend's mind. We placed UG under the other friend's pillow. We wanted to see his reaction as he is very shy guy and never talk to girls. The same day a new person joined our room and was asked by this shy guy to sleep on his bed. When this new guy started clearing his bed, he found the UG under the pillow. Unfortunately I was not present at that moment. To our surprise our plan seemed to be blown out of proportion as we only planned this for the shy guy and we wanted him to find out by himself. The shy guy felt very awkward and speechless to what happened there. When he inquired about the details, my accomplice mentioned my name as i was not there.He approached me later in the evening and asked about that. I realized that it was blown out of proportion. I still unable to forget his reaction but appreciated his sportive attitude which otherwise could have led to nothing but a third world war.