Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Japan! Pls teach me a lesson.

Japan’s recent nature's outburst is a perfect example to know our limitations and where we need to put an end to sensitive technologies such as nuclear technologies. I don’t deny nuclear energy is the most economical way to produce electricity or fulfilling energy needs of ever growing economies. But how can we rule out the dangers that are impossible to handle. Well, who would not appreciate the good things but where our conscious taking us? we are working on very alarming technologies without any concern about their longterm implications. Some countries already started reviewing these technologies but i think they were confined to only safety issues.

If we can not save our people there is no point in having greatest technologies and missions. Stopping nature is not in our hands but we can control what we are doing. We have a strong responsibility to save earth and handover it to a future generations.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Believe It or Not: Sealed Brain

Yesterday i received a DVD through courier. This DVD contains very important information about my last life and there after.In last life when i finished my life on earth i was sent to another wonder world. To my surprise there i found a big line of people (probably from earth) who were under going some kind of examination. I also observed one celestial being (evaluator) was preparing a report of those people. Finally it was my turn. After analyzing my body, evaluator confused for a while and took me to the chamber of God and showed my report. God looking at my report smiled and said " Well my son! Your report shows that you haven't used a small fraction of your brain in your life time. Your brain is still fresh and sealed. I think you never took a chance to open it up or tried to use it. That's why i wanted to send you again to earth so that you make use of it this time". I think this is the story behind my rebirth in 21st century. But i really don't know what will happen this time, because my brain is still sealed :).

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wish Me Good Luck

Next few months will be very important in my life.Wish me good luck yaar!