Monday, July 27, 2009

VNS: Voidness

I eat, I work, I sleep...list goes.. on...Thats wat makes a routine life. What is the driving force for all of these activities; merely a survival? I know, later these questions will lead to spirituality but i want to stop it at this moment, juss in case....

My interaction with many of my friends, colleaques and family made me to realize that at some point of time (in a day or week or month or year) all of sudden, we all experience loneliness (feel VNS in our life) even after having a big network of friends, family and busy life schedule. Each of us goes through VNS experience irrespective of their status, single or married. It is more evident in some groups such as old people, famous people and intellectuals, who come across VNS more frequently than a common man. Each of us handles VNS in his/her own way. For me, I realized, the only way to avoid VNS to some extant is to engage in some activity that I like and enjoy to do. I mean taking U turn from daily mundane life. Usually, VNS handling varies from person to person. If some people choose to talk to their friends, some play sports; If some choose to shop, some watch televsison/movie; if some choose to travel, the others write/read book etc etc...and Iam damn sure, rest of all are surfing net :).

However, we cannot permnantly devoid VNS from our life. Right now, Iam unable to find satisfactory causes for VNS. It probably requires spiritual investigation. I know it is very sensitive discussion but i still want to know the reasons behind VNS. If anybody has any comment...I would love to see that...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Palmistry: In and Out

Ragging is memorable experience in one's life. I have my own story to it. When we entered second year in engineering, we got the right to cherish our own creativity in that so called art.... ragging. I personally dont like ragging without creativity or innovation and hate when it gets worse and cheap. I never used to rag juniors but used to take part in this funny event and used to make sure that my friends were not crossing the limits.

One of my friends used to rag the juniors by looking at their hands, i mean he used to tell their future by acting like palmist. By now you must be thinking that how can we call this as ragging? but the funnier part was, every junior had to show his/her hand to him every day in the morning and pay 10 bucks as fee. I used to sit besides him and used to laugh because he used to tell almost same thing to all juniors and it was quite common that if junior happened to get different future on the following day. It was continued like that for a month, i guess.

However, later i realized that my friend had genuine interest in palmistry because he owned two books of palmistry. One of which, he got as gift and the other he smuggled it from roadside book exhibition. After this ragging experience, i was curious about palmistry and borrowed palmistry books from my friend and started reading. I finished reading first book in two days. After that i started reading the second book and finished it in one day. And i read those two books again and again. I dont know but was perticularly attracted towards palmistry and started reading many more books related to palmistry from library and other sources. I guess, the final book, i read was Cheiro's palmistry. By then i tested my knowledge on many of my friend's and relatives. I used to predict their past initially but later I started predicting their future too. During that period, whenver i used to look at any hand, the first thing that used to come my mind was palmistry . After six months, I realized that i was addicted to it. I was so seriously focussed on that subject that it dragged me into a complete different world. Funniest part was, I even looked my department head hand for 90 minutes, continuously non stop.

On the other hand, i was loosing focus on engineering subjects because of palmistry. In that one semester, i have seen more than 200 different hands. For some of my friends, looking their palms was every day job for me and even i was gaining some experience at that time. But I never used to tell negative aspects about the other person's life. I gave that to ethics of palmistry. Also, I always wanted my friends to feel happy about themselves, unconditionally.

But after sometime, i decided to come out of this addiction because i started looking at my own hand many times a day. Eventhough, palmistry filled some positive energy in me, i was never comfortable looking at my own hand. I used to hate that. After some time, I gave all my palmistry books to my friends and started reading different books and novels. After engineering, i was successfully separated myself from palmistry. After that i never looked back. This experience taught me a lesson and helped me to venture into my adventurous unpredictable future.
Palm Reading

Sunday, July 5, 2009

When Wind Blows Hard

Today when I was watching documentory related to evolution and devlopment of human kind in internet, many thoughts started bumping into my mind. These thoughts puzzled me for a moment. I firmly believe that we have come long way in every aspect of life through research and development. We did everything which makes our day to day life more comfortable, affordable and enjoyable. We left no stone unturned. Everyone is enjoying the fruits and feeling happy for that. This rapidly growing and time-to-time research is bringing new avenues and prospects for all of us, no doubt about that.

On the other hand, we also have regrets for some developments especially those which took place during 20th century. We cannot change outcomes of those happened in the past. For example, whatever the developments tookplace in the area of mass destructive weapons are devastating and futile for us. The only solution to stop this kind of things in future is to regulate and scrap them at the stem stage itself. I dont see any governing system which draws a line to protect the interests of human life irrespective of national interests. There were no stipulated boundaries for research and development. Also, i dont see significant budget allocations for most benifitting projects which eventually will improve tremendous scope for future human life. Iam trying to understand the media for a decade. Media has been putting continuous efforts to educate the people about what is going around the world but has it's own limitations, as most of media forms are transformed into profitable corporations rather than benfiting societies. I still remember the quote from one retired reporter " now media do not tell the news to the people but only their views".

Moreover, I always believed that there will be atleast some negative implications for each and every project in any field but when we know that some projects only bring major disadvantages for humanity, why we encourage them? For example, take the projects where some most important food grains are diverted to produce ethanol, which otherwise fulfill the needs of millions of hungry people in other parts of the world. Look at the billions of dollars investments on Mars projects especially when direct benifits are not expected for atleast hundred years(or) take the example of billions of dollar expenditure on nuclear weapons. Why we do this? What is the compulsion of diverting this money for other fruitful things. I never understand that. We never come out of those set of rules and routines. Every one, including me, knows them and also forgets them. We do not have enough time for reviewing what we are doing to human life or atleast we cannot afford to lose this mechanical, sophisticated, superficial and temporarily organized world. We defined the terms 1) Development and 2) Human advancement in our own way which makes no sense atleast for me. We need to set up some monitoring systems which will bring equilibrium and harmony in human development.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fantasies (part 1)

It is my fantasy to make a movie out of my childhood, teenage and college experiences, especially those which caught attention of each and every body. I used to tell about all my fantasies to my dear friends. They always used to take it with free spirit and used to give hearty laugh. Even i was expecting the same reaction from them at that moment.
Whenever i ussually come across a funny incident, i used to register it in my mind for my future movie. Ok, I will begin with my school incident. When i was studying 3rd class, i was often used to get good comments for active participation in class lectures. In one word, i was inquisitive about every thing. Once my newly arrived social teacher was stopped teaching lesson and posed a question to my friend. Well, my own good friend was dreaming, i guess sleeping with at most dignity at that moment. My teacher became so angry, he slapped him and called him 'badava'. Within a moment not knowing what was happening there, i asked my teacher, what is the meaning of 'badava' sir ?(with atmost studious tone) Class laughed at once and the reaction from the teacher was so bad, i had to see his implanted hand print on my back for two days.