Thursday, February 24, 2011

On a Lighter Note: Doomsday

I read and hear many speculations in print media and other kinds of media about doomsday 2012. I have no say in those kind of prophecies and speculations but I want them to be a surprise. Media exploitations in those kind of issues are completely waste of time. Just imagine if that day comes on April, 1. I guess most people think that mother nature is kidding !!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

McDonald's Man-go

What will you do when a messenger of GOD meets you early morning at McDonald?....I calmly listened to him.

I went to McDonald restaurant yesterday to take my early breakfast. I chose a corner place so that i can finish my class assignment without any disturbances. Then an old man on next table, who was engaged in writing holy notes until then, came to me and started telling something which i never knew before. I listened to him for more than an hour because of his enchanting way of telling things. Later his wife joined and added her voice as well. As a matter fact the holy man did accumulated huge knowledge and truly understood essence of all religions in the world. I learnt that he gave away all his rich real estate business earnings way back in 1970's. Now according to me he truly lives a king size life, i mean much much happier and elegant than any body i am seeing around.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Crush

Yesterday somebody asked about my first crush. Until now i never gave a serious thought to skim through my memories back to schooldays and this time i did. Told to myself 'give it a try'. To my little surprise i did get the picture but it was little bit amorphous. Anyways i would like to shower some vague memories here. In our life time, our mind scans through millions of faces and of them few faces do save as a portraits, i think there is a reason to remember those ones. I believe first crush is one of those unforgettable experiences for each of us. When it happened to me, I was probably in sixth standard. I am not sure if that was crush. But something really used to happen to me when i get to see this girl who was newly moved from North India to our street. Her name was Barkha. Unfortunately now I didn't remember her last name. I always used to have lot of faith in my childhood friend who says that you will always forget your first crush's last name. May be that's true. This newly arrived neighbor girl was something special for me and most of the other boys in our neighborhood because of her unconventional attitude and style. She was thin, very calm going and had a beautiful genuine smile. I think what attracts us at that younger age was mostly confines to physical beauty,i mean infatuation. Their family owned a pharmacy and if I wanted a glance of her, the good times were usually evenings and Sunday's coz she used to help her dad along with her brother in those times. And whenever our family was in need of any medical supply i simply used to run into Barkha's store to get her cute glimpse. I didn't even remember whether she used to blush or not, but my blood used to flush like fountain. That's the reason i guess she did stick to my long memory capsule. By now if not unmarried must have added junior Barkha to the wonder world.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Guess What???

We always avoid speaking the truth. Even though most of the western world believes in speaking one's mind, it seems that we are drawing a line somewhere and we don't say what we really mean. Here i sum up what our surrounding world saying and what they really mean. It is just my personal opinion, I guess no offense.

1)If a shop keeper complements that your ring is very beautiful, probably he wants to sell something to you which may not be on your agenda at all.

2)If somebody is telling you about their month expenditures, probably he wants to avoid some extravaganza plan with you.

3)If some unknown person is complementing your cute baby, he indirectly wanted to indicate that you are gorgeous as well.

4)If somebody is not eating anything on first date, probably he or she wants to keep the meeting short or may be scared about their eating etiquittes.